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Mental Health in the Workplace

Employees spend hours each week dealing with stressors from their work, coworkers, and supervisors.

CORE believes that when we heal the individual we create better employees and by extension a healthier community.  CORE wants to help your business create healthy employees which results in a healthier bottom line for you.  Mental health is a hot topic currently.  We like to think it is because people are more aware of their mental health and are more open to addressing what it is that is affecting them.  As an employer, taking an interest in the health and well-being of your employees is the standard we hope to measure up to.

CORE is available to assist you in attending to mental health needs among your workforce by providing education and training to all levels in your business.  We are available to work with your leadership team and help them learn how best to meet the needs of their staff.  We are available for on-site educational meetings or one-on-one consulting.  Contact us for more information.

CORE is also available to provide on-site counseling for anyone in your company that may be interested.  All counseling is confidential and would maintain privacy for your staff.  We accept most insurances.

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