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The opposite of depression is expression. ― Dr. Edith Eger

Has anybody ever said, “I don’t understand why you are feeling down? You have many reasons to be happy,” to you? Or they tell you, “This is probably just a phase you just need to (insert useless advice here).  

The challenge with depression is that is, by far, the most common mental health diagnosis and often the most complex. Depression affects people in different ways and can cause various symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, including lasting unhappiness and hopelessness and losing interest in the things you used to enjoy. Depression can often make you feel alone and isolated, as if no one cares or understands. However, based on recent studies, depression is now globally the number one cause of disability. Today, more people are disabled because of depression than any other physical or mental health issue.

Please know that you are not alone in your struggle with depression, and there is hope. Though you may have tried different methods to find a solution, and nothing has seemed to work yet- please know that this is also very common in treating depression. According to the research, it may take several tries before the proper treatment, or combination of therapies, is arrived upon.

At CORE, our objective in working with someone struggling with depression is to journey with you in a judgment-free environment. Clinicians and their clients work in concert to help find a better quality of life. Clinicians often assist clients in learning how they can reframe thoughts and feelings. Evidence based data shows that this practice can profoundly reduce depressive symptoms in someone’s life.

You Matter. Dial or Text 988 if you are in crisis.

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

If someone you know is struggling emotionally or having a hard time, you can be the difference. Some warning signs may help you determine if a loved one is at risk for suicide.

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