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Treasure your relationships, not your possessions. ― Anthony J. D'Angelo

Who would think that interacting with people could be so difficult? Relationships are tough and they take work. Whether you are struggling with a friendship, a romantic relationship, a parent/child relationship, it doesn’t matter because they all require a level of communication and understanding that is hard for us to consistently do.

What we say isn’t always what the other person hears. The way we say something isn’t always received the way we intended. This can cause challenges in getting along with others. Unfortunately, relationships can wreak havoc on our lives. When we are in a struggling relationship, life can be very difficult and can impact every aspect of what we do, think, and feel on a daily basis.

CORE wants to help you improve your life and the relationships you experience. Learning skills that can make life easier is something that our clinicians can do for you. This includes communication skills, interpersonal skills, mindfulness training, among many others. People are complex, but interacting with them doesn’t need to be. Let us help you.

Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you. ― Mike Murdock

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